Building leadership to drive growth

Our client is a large and popular international retailer experiencing double-digit growth every year. That growth is an incredible achievement and presents exciting opportunities, but it relies on a constant supply of high-quality leaders to step into ever-growing roles. The HR Director and CEO asked Cognitas how we could accelerate the growth of their leaders.

Increasing the capacity of their leaders

With input from the executive team, we designed a programme 100 of their top 200 executives, to help them strengthen their own leadership, grow more leaders for the pipeline, and work better together. As well as a three-day face-to-face seminar, participants are supported by 1-1 coaching and small group coaching. We’re busy running the programme for their top 200 in international cohorts of 25 executives. It is a powerful experience, with participants scoring the programme consistently at 9.4/10.

The CEO and HR Director asked:
How can we accelerate the growth of our leaders?

Creating a strong and purposeful leadership community

Through dozens of examples from the enthusiastic alumni group, we see how the programme is helping the company and its leaders to grow

Around a third of their top 200 executives have been through the programme so far and are already making a difference to the organisation. Programme alumni have a better understanding of how they can work differently to give space and get their next level leaders to step up. They are coaching more, and telling less. Their improved skills at listening and building trust are helping them unblock tensions, have more open dialogues, and build collaborations. They are very keen for their colleagues and team members to come on the programme. Several have been promoted into new roles since the programme and are using their new skills to quickly begin performing. Dozens of examples from the enthusiastic alumni group show how it is helping the company and its leaders to grow.

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