Caty Everett

Caty Everett develops extraordinary leaders and high-performing teams. With over 20 years of experience, she specialises in executive coaching, high performing teams, leadership training and facilitation services. She works with dynamic and fast-growth companies across diverse industries including technology, retail, finance, biotech, media, and hospitality. She previously built and ran an internal consulting team at Google. Caty has a B.A. in Psychology from Harvard and a M.A. in Social Psychology and Organisational Behaviour from Columbia University, and has worked at both the Harvard and Columbia Business Schools to research and teach coursework on group dynamics and leadership effectiveness. Caty’s empathy and keen insight enables her clients to challenge pre-existing assumptions and move forward with fresh perspective and motivation.

Miko Coffey

I'm a web problem-solver who helps people make the most of digital tools, techniques and practices. I've been working with websites for the last 17 years and I absolutely love it.